Our vision is creating the ultimate headless commerce service, redefining how to build, grow and succeed with business online.

Our mission is to push the boundaries of Internet craftsmanship.

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Internet craftsmanship

Internet craftsmanship defines everything we do. We enable a movement of Internet craftsmanship that will shape the future of online experiences at any scale. Making a better Internet experience for everyone.

To us Internet craftsmanship means:

Internet craftsmanship. Illustration of a man with a zoom lens carefully fixing a browser window with legs and a smile. He is surrounded by plants and teddybear parts
1.Attention to details with design driving every aspect from user experience to API design.
2.Always strive for better performance by hunting milliseconds.
3.Use facts and data to continuously improve. No guesswork.
4.Expertly crafted customer experiences that fit your business. Tailor made.
5.Sharing expert knowledge to enable more Internet craftsmen with superpowers.

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The team

Crystallize is a remote first, diverse team of Internet craftswomen and craftsmen. Designers and engineers on a mission to push the boundaries of Internet craftsmanship.

Bård Farstad

Bård Farstad


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Didrik Steen Hegna illustrated

Didrik Steen Hegna

Head of Design

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Håkon Gullord Krogh illustrated

Håkon Gullord Krogh

Head of Engineering

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Ståle Eikeri illustrated

Ståle Eikeri

VP Revenue

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Sébastien Morel


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Simen Li Løkaas

Simen Li Løkaas


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Andy McCullough illustrated

Andy McCullough

Marketing Director

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Nebojsa Radakovic illustrated

Nebojsa Radakovic

Head of Content and SEO

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Daniel Salvado illustrated

Daniel Salvado

Release Manager

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Michael Smesnik illustrated

Michael Smesnik

Lead Backend Developer

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Laura McLemore illustrated

Laura McLemore

UI Designer

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Vasil Dimitrov - Frontend developer @ Crystallize

Vasil Dimitrov


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Matěj Horák

Matěj Horák

Backend Developer

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Minna Lunney

Minna Lunney

Documentation Lead

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Jesper Førisdahl

Jesper Førisdahl

Frontend Developer

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Kylie Pace illustrated

Kylie Pace

Backend Developer

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Dhairya Dwivedi illustrated

Dhairya Dwivedi

Developer Experience Engineer

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Alex Luong illustrated

Alex Luong

Senior Frontend Developer

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Gina Kirlew illustrated

Gina Kirlew


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Aina Kristine Solvang illustrated

Aina Kirstine Solvang


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Brendan Goodenough Illustrated

Brendan Goodenough

Developer Experience Engineer

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Pedro Tavares illustrated

Pedro Tavares

Backend Developer

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Karen Marie Farstad illustrated

Karen Marie Farstad

Content Marketing Intern

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Aleksander Farstad Illustrated

Aleksander Farstad

Business | Chairman

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Silje Bogen illustrated

Silje Bogen

Human Resources

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The Story

Crystallize was founded in 2017 based on two principles:

  • Using Internet craftsmanship to design and engineer the best headless eCommerce service for building business online. 
  • Utilizing the same principles of the internet craftsmanship in every aspect when we build our own company and defining our own business model. 

Giving us an extreme focus on removing friction to free up resources and focus on what really matters;  team, customers, product and growth. Creating even more value for our customers and partners. Exemplified with our simplified legal framework and the way we price our service with a free tier with generous quotas and no limit on features to how we build our globally distributed team and digital customer journey.

We want to use these principles to build a movement based on Internet craftsmanship. With our approach we want to support the craftswomen and craftsmen of the Internet to build:

  • Tailor made customer experience with beautiful service design. Merging customer interaction, digital service and business. Service designers bliss. #CX (customer experience)
  • Beautiful and efficient user interfaces #UX (user experience)
  • Custom fit information architecture and content modeling to fit your business. Not one size fits all. A dream for information architects and content strategists. #IA (information architecture)
  • Super fast and easy to use APIs and open source starters for developer happiness. #DX (developer experience)
  • Enable business owners to make better decisions based on insight and data.

Design ♥️ engineering - in every aspect.

Crystallize is a New Normal Group company

Having been at the frontier of digital technology and business models for the last twenty years, we have learnt the lessons for what to do and more importantly; what not to do. What to leave out. Both in terms of product scope as well as for your own business model. 

The founding brothers Bård and Aleksander Farstad have taken earlier ventures to global scale, serving some of the most demanding clients globally, like The Economist, Financial Times, KitchenAid and NASA, building global ecosystems of partners and developers across all continents.

New Normal Group is a venture accelerator and investor, founded by Bård, Aleksander and their partners, with a mission to build exponential software companies that chase the new normal of their industry. 

Being extremely hands-on, strategically and systematically supporting founding teams while at the same time supporting them with funding and resources so they can focus on what matters the most; to build a world class team, creating products customers love and drive growth. 

As we ourselves also are entrepreneurs, Crystallize is a venture fully incubated by New Normal Group in 2017. Now a fully independent company, where Bård spends all his time as CEO, Crystallize still enjoys being a New Normal Group company. With their support we can still focus on what matters most; building the ultimate headless commerce service that redefines how to build, grow and succeed with business online, while pushing the boundaries of internet craftsmanship.

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