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Digital Agency or eCommerce Agency? Partner with Crystallize

Digital agency or ecommerce agency? Let's build faster and more enjoyable ecommerce experiences together. Crystallize is partnering with leading e-commerce agencies, digital agencies and javascript consultancies around the world to build better ecommerce experiences for everyone.

The ecommerce and digital agencies that partner with Crystallize have a passion for tailor made ecommerce experiences with snappy frontend performance. The result is a better user experience that converts more and gives you better ecommerce SEO ranking.

You find some awesome agencies in the list below. They are ready to help you build a next generation ecommerce experience.

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Crystallize Partners

  • Monogram logo

    Monogram provides product design and development to transform your big ideas into reality. As a digital agency, we position ourselves as our client's partners to modernize technology and elevate design.

    Monogram has been building JAMstack websites since before it was cool. We’re still discovering innovative, new use-cases with the latest technologies such as Next.js, Algolia, Vercel, React, Vue, and more. From an idea to a globally-scalable eCommerce solution, Monogram ensures your vision comes to life with the best design and development possible.

  • Squareball is a development and design studio from Berlin. They combine strategy, design, and engineering to bring digital products to life. This includes product management & discovery, UX/UI design & branding, and software development.

  • kovald is a Greek firm that was born to change the way of doing e-Business in Marketing and Consulting.

    They embrace a pioneer way of thinking: Their passions and expertise transform into innovation, that drives e-Business, e-Marketing, e-Consulting, and e-Advertising services into a new era of profitable success for our clients.

    They make e-business to B e-awesome!

  • Aplia is a Norwegian consulting company with strong web development expertise and knowledge that gives you a simpler web life.

    They offer support and advice, as they believe that a short distance between customer and developer is an important component of successful projects. They create a comprehensive user experience by integrating multiple systems to help your customers in the best possible way, and they specialize in publishing solutions from eZ Systems, but they also create web-based products and apps with other technologies. 

  • Seeds is a Norwegian flexible technology and development company that contributes to value creation by connecting people and digital solutions.

    They are constantly looking to improve, expand and enhance our e-commerce and technology offering. Crystalize´s headless approach to e-commerce, and their focus on super fast solutions is something that really appeal to us. We believe this partnership will be a new pillar in our e-commerce offering. 

  • Neoito is an ISO 9001:2015 certified web application development company in India, with a significant presence in USA and Norway. Their expertise lies in lightning fast web and mobile app development with specialised technologies such Angular, Nativescript, Node.js, MongoDB and Firebase.

  • Apt creates powerful and engaging digital communication for some of the largest brands in the nordic region. Established in 1999, they are currently 45 people in their office in Oslo.

    They believe in articulate, engaging and creative solutions. Utilising the appropriate technologies, their experience and strategic knowledge they deliver innovative interactive experiences for their clients and their consumers. In 2007 Apt partnered with TRY, Norway’s leading advertising agency, bridging the gap between online and traditional advertising mediums. They do everything from strategy, concepts, cutting-edge design, technical development, motion to video and 3D-production. At Apt, they don’t believe in the impossible.

  • Aioma is Switzerland's leading specialist agency for digital commerce and e-commerce. They develop e-commerce solutions: online shops, product platforms, marketplaces and other transaction-oriented applications. For visionary and innovative companies in B2B & B2C, mainly in industry, food & beverages and pharmaceuticals.

    By using the most suitable software for each business area, they consistently gear companies for modularity to ensure an integrated, highly flexible system landscape. Because they value their customer’s seamless experience and believe that agility and speed are today’s leading competitive differentiators.

  • Aino is a digital production company located in Gothenburg, Sweden. They are known for constantly pushing the upper limits of quality throughout all aspects of interface production including design, technology, maintainability and speed. They do this by hand picking each member of the stack and putting their heart into every product they make.

    They are right now working hard to transform the e-commerce experience from data-driven catalogues into rich brand experiences with embedded shopping. They do this like they do everything else – by fertilizing cutting edge technology with human values and emotional touchpoints.

    Their company culture puts people’s well-being and integrity as top priority. They also have high moral and ethics, like never working with gambling companies or immoral advertising aimed at children.

    Clients include Nudie Jeans, Forsman & Bodenfors, The Gothenburg Opera House and Bzzt! (a Swedish taxi startup).

  • Creuna has for more than 15 years they’ve been helping their clients reach their digital potential. They work on digital solutions that create value for their clients and their customers. Creuna builds web solutions, creates resident services and e-commerce solutions, develops brands and visual identities and creates content and advertising on every level. Everything they make will contribute to an experience that gives value to the end user and creates results for their customers.

    Their customer portfolio includes BAMA, Oslo municipality, Solar, Stokke, Shell, Maxbo, Avinor, Arla, and Visit Nordfjord to name only a few. 

    Customers prefer Creuna because they have extensive experience in managing various types of digital solutions.They deliver everything from large to smaller portals, from applications to websites, and in the private and public sector. All this is solved integrally - because that's how they create the best user experience.

  • S’nce Group is a Swiss full-service digital agency specialized in designing, evaluating and developing complex digital interactive applications and communication-intensive web projects. The strong academic and managerial background of the founders together with the ongoing integration of employees with high expertise in the digital sector have allowed a constant and dynamic growth of the company, always committed to propose the most innovative and effective solutions. 

    S’nce Group manages digital communication projects of international brands with an holistic approach to communication. Their main clients are: Whirlpool EMEA, Shiseido Cosmetics, ACER, KitchenAid, Schurter, Assos, VF International, Kipling, MIFROMA, Groupama, Ginsana and many others. 

  • Nerds & Company aims to design and develop the most awesome, coolest, newest, smartest software, award-winning digital campaigns, sites and mobile apps. They strive to offer their Nerds the best workplace one could wish for and unburden them in every way so their focus stays with the development of the product. 

    The Company section helps in doing so and explores the possibilities in the digital field together with their customers. Combining technology and innovation with creativity and preparing their customers for the digital future. Together with their happy Nerds. That is their mission.

    They’ve won a few awards over the past years for websites such as and their own website

  • Formidable is a Seattle, Denver, and London-based engineering consultancy and open source software organization specializing in React.js, React Native, GraphQL, Node.js, and the extended JavaScript ecosystem. 

    Since 2013, their agile team has worked with companies ranging in size from startups, to Fortune 100s, to build quality software and level up engineering teams. They excel in mobile, web, and cloud platform development and can apply their expertise to your product, no matter where you are in your product development lifecycle.