Custom content models

Content modeling is a key for executing a reusable information architecture and builds the foundation for a successful content strategy. A content model defines the structure of your product information used to market and sell your products. Well executed content modeling including marketing content and product information allows you to build a content services layer that is reusable across any channel. Power.

Content modeling, illustration of a teddybear and a t-shirt with jigsaw pattern. A illustration of cooking recipes of tomatos

Custom shapes

Products and content comes in different shapes. Shapes is where you define the structure of different types of products, documents and even folders.

Custom content models with shapes.

Use tailor made shapes to define the content model that fits your business.

Content modeling design system

Design beautiful content models to keep communication between designers, information architects, developers and business stakeholders. Use our free content modeling design system for Figma to get started with modeling today.

Custom content model designed in Figma.

Custom content model designed in Figma using our open source content modeling kit.


Content models in Crystallize are defined using shapes. The most atomic element in a shape is a component. Basic components include text line, switch number and price. Rich components include rich text, videos, images and semantic relations.

Rich content model using components.

Rich content model using various components.