Product Grid View

Matrix based organization of products enables information architecture that is not easily done with hierarchical or topic maps based organizers. The grid organizer gives you a powerful product information management tool to build powerful taxonomies.

Grid organizer illustration.A 3x2 grid with products and articles in different cells

Organize in grids

In many cases having simply a tree organizer can be limiting. A grid organizer is simply a fixed grid - that you can define. A number of rows and columns. You can also decide the span of the different grid cells.

Custom defined grid organizer

Define your own custom grid organiser. Define columns, rows tailored for your business.

Product selections

Group the most important products from in a grid to be used on a landing page in your webshop or App. Combine products with rich marketing content.

Grid organizer with content.

Organize products and rich marketing content in a flexible grid.