Rich text

Engaging online shopping experiences are created using rich content. Beautiful pictures, easy to understand text, great navigation and taxonomy topped with videos. Add videos to any paragraph collection or even as a specific component in a shape.

Rich text illustration. An octopus holding different documents in each tentacle

Visual editing

The visual editor for rich text allows you to easily create and edit rich marketing content. Easy to use visual editor. Format rich text with hotkeys or using the intuitive menu bar.

Rich text visual editing.

Visual editing of rich text. Format your text and enrich with media assets.

Drag and drop rich media

Simply drag and drop rich media to your rich text. The paragraph collection component that allows for a repeating paragraph containing title, formatted rich text and any number of images and videos. Easy to make great storytelling while still keeping the semantic information for simple multichannel reuse.

Drag and drop rich media.

Drag and drop images and videos to enrich in your rich text.

Semantic encoding

All content stored are semantically described using our easy to use JSON format. You can easily re-use any part of rich text in any channel. Instantly available from our fast GraphQL API.

Semantically structured rich text.

Semantically structured rich text for true multichannel reuse of content.