Add videos to any paragraph collection or even as a specific component in a shape. Allowing you to enrich your experience with formatted text, images and videos. 

Video illustration. A guy and a girl looking at cat videos on a big tv screen

Drag and drop videos

Simply just drag and drop your videos and they are automatically transcoded in different bitrates and sizes for fast delivery. Streamable video available in no time. No worries, just upload and the transcoding and publish to CDN is handled for you. Simple. Fast.

Drag and drop videos.

Drag and drop videos to enrich your content.

Streamable CDN hosted video

Videos are automatically transcoded to different sizes & bitrates designed for streaming in low and high bandwidth situations. Media presentation description (MPD) and m3u8 playlist files are generated for seamless streaming on iOS and Android devices.

Automatic video transcoding.

Automatic video transcoding available via the GraphQL API and hosted on a global CDN.