Fulfilment pipelines

Build tailor made customer journeys post purchase. Orchestrate up- and downstream integration. Manage one time purchases and recurring subscriptions.

Fulfilment pipelines illustration. A guy and a girl looking at a big touch screen moving digital cards around.

Custom fulfilment pipelines

Custom define fulfilment pipelines to fit your business. If it is to orchestrate in store pickup, home delivery or pure digital fulfilment you can define and orchestrate using fulfilment pipelines. Use manual drag and drop or API integrations for automatic fulfilment pipelines state management.

Custom fulfilment pipelines.

Custom fulfilment pipelines.

Webhooks with GraphQL

Use webhooks to listen to events in order or pipelines states. Orchestrate integrations with ERP, accounting, CRM, warehouse, shipping and more. The webhooks in Crystallize allows you to send over the information required for different types of information.