PIM Product Information Management

PIM means managing all information required to market and sell your products in any channel. Crystallize is PIM with a twist; product information management and rich content management in one. Sell digital products and physical products with stock. Sell in any language or currency. The idéal foundation of successful headless eCommerce with a tailored shopping experience. The tool for true Internet craftsmanship.

PIM - Product information management illustration

Physical products

Manage stock information for your physical products. Keep customers informed about stock levels and increase conversion.

Physical products dimensions

Properties tables allow you to define any number of specifics like physical dimensions.

Physical products stock management

Stock managements allows you to keep track of your inventory and keep customers informed before they buy.

Digital products

Sell digital products. Digital only or combined with physical products. Orchestrate fulfilment of digital products using fulfilment pipelines and webhooks. No shipping required.

Digital products with media subscriptions

Create digital only products or combine with physical products.

Product variants

Products come in different shapes and sizes. Define your product variants with sizes, colors or other variants that describe your products. In addition to base product information like SKU, stock and pricing.

Product variants showing core product information.

Product variants allow for having products in different colors, sizes etc.

Price variants

Price variants allow you to build a pricing scheme for your products to support B2B, B2C, international multi-currency sales or discount management. Define global price variants that apply to all products.

B2B pricing with price variants

B2B Pricing variants based on location, all variants are tailored to your tenant

Price variants UI

Rich marketing content

Enrich your product information with rich marketing content to create engaging shopping experiences.

Digital asset management.

Manage videos and images using digital asset management.

Rich text for rich marketing content.

Rich marketing content using rich text enriches your products information.

Rich taxonomies

The rich content management engine enables you to add hierarchical categories, multidimensional taxonomies or organize your products in a grid based matrix. Build easy to use navigation and relations for maximum findability.

Enrich product taxonomies with multi dimensional topic maps.

Enrich product taxonomies with multi dimensional topic maps.

Semantic relations.

Semantic relations defining the farm that grew the coffee, the bean type as well as the coffee shops selling this brew.

Topics attached to product.

Topics attached to a product.