Price variants

Price variants allow you to build a pricing scheme for your products to support B2B, B2C, international multi-currency sales or discount management. Define global price variants that apply to all products.

Price variants illustration.Close up of coins and paper currency i bulk laying around.


Discounts are often used to create a sense of urgency with customers or to sell out unwanted inventory. Discounts can be used in different ways but typically you have either a time sensitive pricing like “black friday” or a general discount price.

Discount pricing with price variants

Multi currency pricing

When selling products to different markets you need to handle currency. With the price variants you define any number of prices and associate a currency with it.

Multi currency pricing with price variants

B2B pricing

In business to business product prices typically vary based on how much you buy. It is common to have several different price tiers that are given to customers based on their account type.

B2B pricing with price variants

Membership pricing

To build a loyal customer base or a community of followers you can offer special membership prices. Membership prices are easily added with price variants.

Membership prices price variants